Friday, March 12, 2010

We are on the Florida Brides Blog & mentioned on the Rock N' Roll Bride!

The wedding of one of our favorite couples (Who are we kidding, they all are our favs!), Jess and Blake, was featured on the Florida Brides Blog today! It was an awesome wedding with so many cool little details like an Iphone cake and Starbuck like coffee cups with a "Jess and Blake" logo on them.

If you want to see the original blog posts you can check them out here.

We were also amazingly lucky to get a mention in the Thursday treats post on, one of our favorite blogs, the Rock N' Roll Bride. Kat loves to feature quirky, rock and roll related and outside the box weddings and events. This is the type of stuff right our our alley!

Our recent e-session with Paul and Stacy apparently fit into that definition with some Fender guitar ring shots and Stacy's really cool foot tattoo. Plus the couple was a ton of fun to hang out with and shoot in my favorite little town of DeLand.

You can find our one mention near the bottom under "♥ Fender ring shots & a foot tattoo"

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