Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thinking Different: Themed Weddings

When you picture a wedding in your mind, what do you envision? Is it red rose centerpieces, crystals delicately cascading from the ceiling, or identical bridesmaid dresses?

What if it were mad hatters for groomsmen complete with goggles and tails, an aisle full of zany guests each holding a pastel parasol, hedges in the shape of whimsical animals, or a wedding cake designed with a pocket watch and tea pot along the exterior?

The whimsical wedding of Jessica and Wade took place a couple hundred feet beneath the rabbit hole. The wedding was filled with wonder and imagination, something only a truly unique couple could dream up. The Alice in Wonderland themed wedding was held at the Bok Tower Gardens, a true wonderland on earth. A location surreal yet fitting, eccentric yet romatic, lavish yet personable.

A garden fit for the Queen of Hearts and Mad Hatter themselves

The colorful and madly imaginative personalities of the bride and the groom were reflected in every detail of the wedding

The groomsmen took top hats and coattails (literally- tails) to a whole new level. Goggles and pocketwatches were the accessories of choice.

A table to feast your eyes and stomachs

Every aspect of the wedding was exploding with wonder and imagination

Follow this guest down the rabbit hole!

In a wedding full of non-sensical chaos, one thing was clear, the bride and groom were mad about each other!

If you're looking for inspiration for a wedding theme the most important thing is to talk as a couple and decide what makes you unique.

Are you beachy, laid-back people?

Old fashioned?
Love fairy tales? Have vivid imaginations?

Have a favorite movie or book as a couple?
Want to transform your wedding to your favorite place or time of year?
The potential is infinite!

Research can help you get inspired! You can get ideas from crafty, DIY, websites like Pinterest, other wedding blogs (I've included a couple awesome ones below), or take a look at our blog and pictures, we've shot some pretty out of this world shindigs!

Themed weddings reflect the unique personalities of the bride and groom, and can be as eccentric as falling down the rabbit hole or have a more subtle feel.

The wedding of Molly and Josh was set along the quaint Lake Formosa in Orlando one sunny afternoon, and had a vintage picnic ambiance. The wedding featured milk men as servers, hula hoops for the little tykes, vintage attire, and a romantic boat ride as the happy couple left the reception. The wedding and reception were filled with care-free smiles and sheer bliss, reminiscent of a simpler time.

One of the most detailed, elegant gowns to date

The down-to-earth couple created a sense of comfort and family with ease through their choice of venue, decor, and dress

Gorgeous, vintage bridesmaid dresses

The wedding took place in the father of the bride's backyard on lake Formosa, it was pleasantly inviting and delightful

Love was in full bloom at Molly and Josh's charming wedding

Whichever theme route a bride and groom may choose to take, it will always represent their personal flair and transform their big day into a celebration of their imagination.

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