Thursday, February 16, 2012

Outside the Ballroom - Your Own Backyard

There are really good reasons for having your wedding in your own backyard. It signifies the start of a new life in the very place you will be together. Although, some of us aren’t bestowed with sprawling backyards open to views of mountains and swirling flocks of majestic birds, maybe someone you know has just the right size backyard for your families and a little partying. Having your wedding in your backyard gives you the chance to make it exactly how you want and keep the bank account in the positive. Who says it has to follow traditional venues, anyway?

Throw away the days where the ceremony takes place outside but then the reception retreats into air conditioning for lack of activities. One theme to tie your backyard wedding into actual outside activities would be to have an elegant picnic. Not only does this give your guests a sense of relaxation, it gives your wedding the upscale feel of simpler times circa 1940s, when picnicking in the French countryside was as picturesque as you could be. For modern day partying, however, there is always the party/wedding tent for the band and dance floor. The picnic theme can continue even into the tent with floral decorations and lighting to keep the dancing going well into the night.

Adding some traditional outside fun for your guests during the reception would make your wedding even more memorable. Some horseshoes or croquet would add just the right touch of easy playing so no one gets too hot. If you’re really daring, set up a volleyball net and the kids will be talking about the time they convinced grandma to play for years! Even if you don’t choose to set up any gaming, this leaves plenty of room for family and friends to enjoy the atmosphere. An open space for mingling is just one of the advantages to having a wedding in your own backyard.

Need more convincing? Having your wedding in your (or someone else’s) backyard cuts down on costs you’d normally spend on a venue, you’re free to cater with whoever you want, and there are endless possibilities for decorating with your personal touches. Guests won’t have to travel very far, except for those perpetual out of towners. It also is a comfortable setting for those who are looking for a compromise on a church wedding. The weather may be a point of worry, but with careful research the day has a good chance to be picture-perfect. Remember, even if it does rain, it means good luck!

Venue - Your or a friends Backyard
Location: Anywhere
Price Range: $
Ceremony Site: Yes
Outside Caterers Allowed: Yes
Parking Available: Yes
Overnight Accommodations: Yes
Kosher Available: Yes
Valet Parking: No
Outdoor Space: Yes
STYLES: Outside, Unusual/Alternative

This is a series about discovering other amazing venues that exist for weddings and other events, ranging from castles, to traditional antique ballrooms, to bed and breakfasts, to anything that cannot be classified as a modern ballroom or meeting room. We also want to hear from you about the venues you've discovered, so please submit them in the comments or email them to with Outside the Ballroom in the subject. For more info you can find it at the Introduction and for more venues check out


Zachary @SB Orlando said...

What amazing advice. I personal had never thought of a backyard in that way!Your photos are out of this world, amazing!

Charissa said...

Thank you! We have shot a few backyard weddings now and the couplea have done an amazing job with the blank pallet they have.

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