Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Casa Feliz, Winter Park Country Club and Beacham Engagement Session of Kristine and Tristan

Tristan is the son of Tonia our amazing Director of Storytelling and Sales. It was only natural that I would get the chance to shoot Kristine his wedding. Even if we are friends with someone, we still try to make sure they they have the right personalities and truly enjoy our style of photography. These two totally fit the mold!

Their light and fun personalities and abilities to be goofy is exactly what we love to shoot!

We started out on the golf course because it is one of Tristan's loves, but Kristine is learning to love it too. In general they both love their sports! We then moved to the Beacham, which is their other passion. They know their bands and are regulars at this venue. They got us in when it was actually quiet. We had a chance to roam around and make some fun photos!

Winter Park Country Club
Casa Feliz Historic Home Museum
The Beacham

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