Thursday, January 8, 2009

010309 Jaina's 1st BD

I have been friends with Travis and Julie since we were neighbors years ago and they have invited me to document their sons birthdays and now their daughter's. Jaina just turned one for the first time and I was invited to document it. It's fun watching their kids grow up, and it will be even more fun to look back at the pictures in years to come and remember these special moments.

Being born is a pretty big deal, so turning one is the second biggest deal, right? You will probably never remember it and it only happens once, but hopefully your parents documented it. Now in 17 years when you are going to the prom your parents have something to show your date.

They always know how to put on a good party. You know the party was great when there is more cake on the birthday girl than there is on her plate and there was cake everywhere!

Thanks Travis and Julie!

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