Friday, January 30, 2009

Pilster Photography is advertising!

So I've taken some of that money that the Daytona Beach News-Journal paid me and gave it back to them, and this time it wasn't for a newspaper subscription. They will be coming out with their bridal tab/magazine February 22 in all editions. Also the tab will be given to every couple who puts their engagement in the newspaper.

I have heard thoughts from other photographers who have done advertising in print publications and not seen results. Some said that it really only brings brand recognition. In many cases I agree with them, but I have thought through it pretty thoroughly and I felt like taking a chance. Here is my reasoning.

1. I looked at last years tab, and although it has no influence over this tab, there were a very limited number of photographers advertising in it. If someone is looking at this and needs a photographer, hopefully I will stand out.

2. They cut me a pretty good deal for being a first time advertiser

3. Many of the ads are complex. Small pictures and small writing that would make you skip right by it on the page. My awesome brother Shane, who is a freelance graphic designer and a full time web page designer at Giant Ideas, helped me come up with an ad that is simple and will hopefully stand out. I'm hoping that the image is simple enough, but conveys my pictorial style, that it will pull the reader to it. I tried to keep the text as minimal as possible. I'm also hoping the text won't be too small, but we didn't want it to take away from the image. The whole ad will only be about as big as a business card.

4. Outside of networking with some amazing wedding planners and photographers. I haven't been seeing much response to my current ads with people who are in my market.

5. I'm hoping that with a down economy people will be cutting their ad spending, so there will be less of any types of ads allowing mine to stand out even more.

6. It's all one big experiment to see what works and what doesn't.

7. I believe that a lot of those I am marketing to, still read the newspaper, or at least their parents do. I've heard that parents can be influential decision makers for weddings these days.

8. I'm an awesome photographer and this is just one more place for me to show off one of my favorite photos from the wedding of Summer and John organized by Wonderful Weddings at Isleworth. I hope that others will get some enjoyment out of it, and maybe call me so I can tell the story of their weddings!

I'll definitely be watching my StatCounter closely on the 22nd!


Anonymous said...


Have you or have you considered sending direct mail to past clients for follow up. Repeat business and "word of mouth" referrals can often be more valuable than advertising. Good luck!

Charissa said...

Definitely! I actually go beyond that. Many of my past clients are my friends on Facebook or fans of Pilster Photography on Facebook, they follow my blog here, and you can't forget to send them a Christmas card! You can't forget the other vendors either!

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