Sunday, February 1, 2009

b-Cleaning - Kate Harrison

I love to flip through websites and find the work that inspires me. Since I am shifting my focus to wedding photography I have started to look at a lot of wedding photographers websites, and there are a lot of them! They all start to look the same after a while and I think it's because a lot of them are, but with little quirks different here and there. Some of them try to makeup for what they can't do with a camera by using post-processing. If you take away Photoshop the pictures are just ok.

Kate Harrison's work takes a giant leap outside of the box. She uses selective focus and builds her composition until she has some amazing photos. I can't tell if some images are posed or actual moments, and that tells me that she either works really well with her subjects or she's great at capturing moments. I give photographers high marks if they can accomplish either one of these.

She uses post processing, but you can take it away and her images stand on their own. Actually I might recommend that she does take it away from some of her pictures, because I think it might be hurting them. She has a wonderful vision that goes beyond your straight forward images.

Another thing I've found is that there are great photos in the portfolios, but when you look at the blog it can be a completely different style. Kate's blog is an extension of her amazing website and it shows her attempting new things. I look forward to coming back often and seeing what amazing work she's producing next.

Going in "5 Star Wedding Photographer"

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