Thursday, February 26, 2009

B-Cleaning - Jesh De Rox

Jesh De Rox gives one of the most original introductions to a portfolio I have seen and I truly enjoy it.

When I reach out to clients, I try to bring the passion that I put into making photos to them. He gives his clients a chance to share in this passion as they answer a few simple questions. "today I feel" "today I am most like" "show me something" and then a gallery is created for me. If you don't think this is a custom gallery, try changing your answers and see what pictures show up.

At the same time some music that is very well chosen plays. Normally I'm strongly opposed to music on photographers websites. I move for the mute button the moment I hear it start, and sometimes when I'm looking at a couple sites using tabs it will get annoying trying to figure out which the music is coming from. On Jesh De Rox's site the music took me to a place in my head where I started to explore and really think about the questions in front of me. When I finally made it to the images and they matched the questions I answered it was an enjoyable experience.

Jesh calls this experiential photography for people in love.

The best way to describe the mix of his work and the post-processing is an antique look. The question that I asked in a previous post is how do the images stand up if you take away the processing.

Many of his images do a great job of showing some style outside of the post-processing, although there are quite a few that I don't think would stand on their own without it. He has a shot or two that use depth, portraits with some interesting poses, shots where he takes the entire landscape into perspective and shots that tell moments without faces.

I would really like to see some full weddings to get a real feel for his work instead of just the highlights. The more that I look at it, his style appears to be pretty normal with some more eclectic images thrown in. The only style that seems to be common to all of the photos is the post-processing.

There are some strong images mixed within mediocre ones, but the site design and post-processing really help take his work to another level.

Another thing I would like to see is the ability to skip this intro. I realize that there is a preferences on the website, but I don't want to turn it completly off. On some days I might want to actually answer the questions and others I may want to skip right to the images.

Put in "5 Star Wedding Photographers"

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