Friday, February 20, 2009

B-Cleaning - Infrared Camera Modification

No infrared

Modified camera

Many people have asked me how they can capture the image in front of them and make it look exactly as they see it. This seems to be people's goal and the goal of the easy to use digital camera. When you reach a point you want to start going in the other direction. You want your camera to produce something that you don't expect.

Life Pixel's infrared conversion does this by allowing you to capture infrared light with your digital camera. An image that is a sunny afternoon with green trees is suddenly turned into what appears to be a snowy landscape.

There is so much experimenting I would want to do with this. It would be like carrying around a holga, but I wouldn't have to worry about scanning the negatives.

The biggest problem is the price. Maybe I can find a half working digital camera on Ebay and then do the conversion with it. This definitely is on my list of toys to add to my bag.

Going in "Things to Get"

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