Monday, January 19, 2009

There's a new wedding magazine in town...

I'm a little behind the ball on this, but I think that can be a good thing. When something new comes out, EVERYONE talks about it right away. A couple weeks later and it starts to lose it's novelty. This is when I like to talk about things, I have a chance to look it over and see what everyone else said, plus I've never been one to roll with the pack, I always like to be a little different.

Southern Weddings Magazine
is a cool new magazine with a focus on, well weddings in the south. In the inaugural issue they make good use of photography. They use a ton of details to give perspective brides a chance to get ideas. This also gives wedding photographers a chance to show off more of their handiwork. It gives other photographers some great wedding inspiration and a level of photography to work towards.

What is any good magazine without a good blog! Outside of following these awesome women on Twitter (You can find all their Twitter accounts on their blog at They have a blog at that has been a great precursor to their magazine. They have showcased some awesome wedding photographers and other vendors as they do a regular feature where they interview couples about their weddings and another feature where they look at the details of weddings.

They seem like a good bunch with a ton of energy. I look forward to seeing what they come out with next and maybe even meeting with them in the future. I unfortunately wasn't able to make it to their launch party (Everyone was invited and I'm sure photos will be up soon!). If they can keep translating their awesome energy into the magazine and the blog I don't see the novelty wearing off anytime soon.

Congratulations ladies!

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