Sunday, January 11, 2009

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(Photo by Matt Slaby from Aphotoaday Essays)

I've been a member of for a long time. It's a collective of photographers searching for their vision. Everyday they send photos to a list that many of their newspapers wouldn't run. As the list has grown to over 1000 photographers, many of them have branched out past newspapers or never worked for newspapers and post a photo for one reason or another. Some are looking for criticism, some want to test new ideas, and some just want to show off their best work.

Melissa Lyttle, who is currently with the St. Petersburg Times, brainstormed the idea with classmates who she had gone to school with. When they graduated they missed the daily critiques of each others work and just seeing each other's work.

One of these photos is pulled from the list and displayed on the front of the site every day. Even if you don't follow the list, this one photo can be inspirational.

On top of this one photo the Aphotoaday news blog is full of information surrounding photojournalists. Many times they will interview one of the many amazing photographers who are on the list, throw up a portfolio of an inspiring photographer or just pass on relevant news.

By surrounding myself with these inspirational and outside of the box photographers it helps inspire me to keep creating photos that move away from the cliche. Even as I move away from news photojournalism, these photos are awakening.

Put in "5 star photographers" folder

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