Tuesday, January 13, 2009

B - Cleaning - Will Yurman, Photojournalist

Following up on my post about Aphotoaday is this other bookmark I found. Will Yurman has been posting A Photo a Day to his website every day. He is a photographer at the Rochester Democrat and Chonicle who has been posting daily and has archives back to 2004.

Posting a photo a day has become a trend with some people, but Yurman's work is inspiring and he has gone beyond the trend phase. To post your work every day for over 6 years takes dedication. I have trouble updating a blog every few days, let alone editing and posting a photo.

On a daily basis he creates and shows images that are pictorial compositions that tell a story, but reach beyond the obvious.


Goes in two folders "5 Star Photographer" and "Check Daily"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Really nice link.
Not easy to post a photo every day.
Thanks for the link.

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