Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, let's go to Savannah!

My wife Liz and I have many favorite things, but two of our favorites are food and traveling. So we try to combine them both when we can!

We haven't been out of Florida except to visit relatives and go to weddings for some time. I wanted to surprise her with a trip, so I told her we were going somewhere, but I wasn't going to tell her where until we got there.

Liz loves to figure out surprises and every chance she had she would ask me something to see if I would slip up. I apparently did answer enough questions for her to figure out where we were going. She has wanted to visit Savannah for a long time now and by telling her that it wasn't on the beach and within less than a days drive pretty much gave it away. I still tried to act like it was a secret until we were on the road to going there.

Since she uses Facebook and not Twitter I put a couple pleas out for help. Thanks to all of my friends on Twitter and a bunch of research, especially Trip Advisor we did some of the must do things in our whirlwind trip. Three days and two nights made it a quick trip, and limited some of what we might of been able to do.

We stayed at the McMilllan Inn, which was rated as the #8 bed and breakfast on Trip Advisor and was it great! It is a historical home built in 1888. For the two mornings we were there, breakfast was served at 9a. This was not your typical breakfast either, the food was straight from the south. Some of the highlights were bananas baked with some orange juice poured over them. Amazing butter and cream filled pastries, of course grits (which I am not usually a big fan of) which were mixed with something to actually tast good, and many more treats that tasted great but I am not entirely sure what was in them.

Our room was awesome.

The first night we didn't arrive until a couple hour before dinner reservations at the Pink House. Parking is horrible in this town, so either walk where you are going, give yourself enough time to park or open up the wallet.

The southern cuisine was awesome here! Both of our meals came with grits, and I'm not a big grits fan, but these were actually pretty good with dinner. I did hear that if you order a non-southern dish at the Pink House, it's not as spectacular. But then you need to ask yourself, why are you going there if you aren't going to order a southern meal?!

Our bed and breakfast was a little ways from the waterfront, so we did have to do some walking.

The second night after we hiked back into town, Liz was exhausted. Neither of us have ever ridden in a pedicab before, so we grabbed one back to the Inn. It was fun!

Even the bathrooms in this town were cool!

On our journey that first night we had heard about a new hotel that just reopened called the Bohemian. This hotel was completely opposite of everything Savannah. The building was historic, but inside it was contemporary. It was gorgeous and cool!

One of the greatest things on this trip was the Catholic church. I have never seen a church as amazing as this one. I was in awe when I walked through the doors. If anyone needs a wedding photographer to get married at the The Cathedral of St. John The Baptist, let me know, because I would love to take more photographs in this place!

The people in Savannah are just as cool as the town!

The architecture and historical buildings were phenomenal! Most of the days we just walked around and ooooohhed and ahhhhhed at the amazing buildings.

Sooooo many red doors in this city, how can you go wrong?

And the gardens were awesome too!

Did I mention we did a lot of walking?

After dinner one night we decided to try and find ourselves some jazz. We ran across this club with a great blues band in it.

And amazingly this couple dancing is from Orlando! What a small world.

Happy Birthday Liz!

072409 Savannah Trip - Images by Chad Pilster

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