Sunday, August 2, 2009

Katie and Justin e-session get's shocking! Part II

Because at Pilster Photography we believe in doing things different (and because we have an awesome photo to show off!), we are starting with part II of this e-session. After we finished up at the Spongedocks in Tarpon Springs we headed over to this little park where we were meeting up with the parents and the dogs. Apparently the weather we had skirted earlier caught up with us. As we drove to the park we got caught in a heavy rain. It finally let up but with some fireworks off in the distance. I amazingly caught this bolt of lightning as they were kissing! How awesome is that?

(Oh, and I have to give some props to my album designer James. I was having some trouble toning the image above and getting it to look right, so I sent it to him. Not does he create awesome album designs, but he also can tone just about anything and make it look spectacular.)

The story of Justin and Katie all started when they were walking their dogs at the dog beach. They started chatting and the magic started, so I felt that we had to do something with the dogs in it. The awesome shoes were all Katie's idea.

Katie asked for a kiss and she got it!

Love these shoes! And you should see the shoes she's wearing on her wedding day!

Part I coming tomorrow.

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