Monday, August 17, 2009

Griffin and Seana's album!

The album is an opportunity to share your wedding day with elegance.

Pilster Photography's designer James, our associate storyteller, and our lab help to take the photos beyond digital. They make sure that no matter how big or small an album is it looks spectacular.

James has a great talent of carrying Pilster Photography's style onto the pages while piecing everything together to tell the wedding day story.

The lab gives options so the album has a great look and feel when you hold it in your hands.

So congratulations Griffin and Seana, I hope you enjoy this beautiful album!

The pages are so thick it feels like the book will last forever!

The feel and the smell of these leather covers is just awesome. You really need to handle one of these books to experience it best.

If you were wondering just how big a 5x5 album is, this will give you a really good idea.

(Yes I still have film around. I am actually planning to shoot more soon. You know me, I just like to be different! Be sure to look for the upcoming blogs on it!)

051609 Griffin and Sena Wedding Album - Images by Chad Pilster

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