Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Katie and Justin Rocked their e-session! Part I

E-sessions require a mix between acting and dancing on the part of the couple, while some directing on the part of the photographer. Coming from a photojournalism background, I just wish that everything fell into place and sometimes it does better than others. Justin and Katie fell into their parts perfectly and required little direction from me, that's the way I like it. Not only did they just go with the flow, but Katie was outright surprising me left and right. I had trouble keeping up with her sometimes!

I love places with some culture, so I suggested the spongedocks in Tarpon Springs. Before we even started walking, there was this gorgeous mural.

I think these are going to be gifts to their guests ;)

Look what Katie caught!

Definitely one of my favorites!

Katie showed me a few dresses via Twitter that she was thinking about for the e-session. Both were cool, but very dark. She had talked about shopping for a new dress and I told her to definitely go! And just tell everyone your wedding photographer sent you! Have you seen this awesome dress that she came back with. Check out the pattern on the back and that cute bow.

One of the local waiters was posing for us, who am I to deny his 5 minutes of fame. I think Katie told him she's taken!

Remember I mentioned dancing? Katie started doing a little two step when I asked her to get a little closer to her boy.

One thing I've found is that Katie takes her ice cream seriously!

but I'm sure Justin doesn't mind sharing.

Maybe I was thinking ahead for their Christmas cards when I saw this. Or maybe they send their Save the Date cards out at Christmas. Just a thought...

I think they both have good taste in shoes! Definitely a perfect match.

Oh my gosh these two are so cute!

One time that she surprised me, but I was ready! I think she was happy that the e-session went so well.

After we finished at the Spongedocks, we went to a little park to play with their dogs. In case you missed the photos from that here is Part II.

Here is the entire collection with a few others!

073009 Katie and Justin e-session - Images by Chad Pilster

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Erica Clements, Photographer said...

What an awesome couple and such a fun e-session!

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