Monday, October 19, 2009

Key West with Tracie and Scott! Need I say more? Part 1of2

One thing that I always seem to be bad at is narrowing down my photos for a blog post. I can never squeeze them all into one entry, so you're going to have to suffer through two. Well that is if you can call looking at beautiful sunsets and gorgeous people suffering. There are definitely going to be some surprises in part 2, so check back in a couple days!

What an awesome trip, and it was truly an excursion. What better way to start off a wedding than everyone jumping on a sunset cruise after a rehearsal dinner! A great way to prepare for the next day

So part of shooting a wedding in a new place is experiencing a new place. I love to show my clients some of my experiences, and Key West has a lot of them!

Anyone have a dollar for Spidey? Apparently the newspaper business isn't paying enough.

Apparently people do look at the pictures on my website. If you saw another beach wedding I shot earlier this year you might recognize this and a few other really cool ideas!

A poem by Dave Matthews was left for every guest at their seat.

Tracie was such an awesomely relaxed bride. She went out and explored the town and jumped in the pool before getting ready. I guess this is just the culture of a Key West wedding!

She even took some time with her groom!

Time to start getting ready!


The only way to travel in Key West!

And this is just the warm-up, wait until you see the rest!

In case you are curious here are some of the wedding pros and locations.
Rehearsal was at Alonzo's Oyster Bar
Rehearsal cruise was with Fury sunset sailing
We all stayed at Simonton Court Historic Inn and Cottages
The wedding was on Smathers Beach
Transportation was A&M Moped
Reception was at the Hard Rock along Duval Street
Dress is from White House | Black Market


Anonymous said...

Awesome!!!! Cant wait to see the rest, but these captured the essence of every beach wedding in a way that POPPED! WOW..........

Richard Bradbury said...

Awesome work Chad, I'm very jealous that I missed that opportunity!

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