Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pedicabs, Elvis, Steel Drums, a Key West Wedding! 2of2

The next day we had the beach wedding. (In case you missed Part 1)

I'm no good at surprises, I have to get this one out there.

So as we're coming back on the Pedicabs Tracie tells me she saw Elvis at The Bull. I asked them if they minded heading over there to get a couple shots with him. He gave us a song. "Blue Moon" what else!

Now that that's done, back to the day.

Melvin "Toko Irie" was this amazing steel drum drummer. He played for the ceremony and then partied with us all night. He definitely loves what he does and that passion rubs off on everyone!

Now this is a great idea. A pedicab parade!

After the parade and our little side trip to see Elvis, it was time for the reception to begin!

Not sure what this was about, not sure if I want to know.

So just before the party starts to wind down Melvin starts to play "Hot Hot Hot," and starts to get wild. Everyone starts to get wild! The guy knows how to run a party!

And the night winds down...

And if you didn't get enough...

In case you are curious here are some of the wedding pros and locations.
Rehearsal was at Alonzo's Oyster Bar
Rehearsal cruise was with Fury sunset sailing
We all stayed at Simonton Court Historic Inn and Cottages
The wedding was on Smathers Beach
Transportation was A&M Moped
PediCab Parade by Perfect Pedicab
Reception was at the Hard Rock along Duval Street
A cameo by Bobby J as Elvis at The Bull
Dress is from White House | Black Market
The ceremony was performed by Ron Scott of Chapel by the Sea
On Steel Drums was Melvin "Toko Irie"

Thanks for helping Liz and me have a great time in the Keys!


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