Thursday, October 8, 2009

The return of Jessica and Blake, Part 1 of 3!

Yes I said 3. Their e-session took 2 posts (Part 1, Part 2 and the outtake), so how could I do any less for their wedding. Well I guess it helps that I also shot the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. So there are lot's of pictures coming!

The first day I'm going to start it out with the rehearsal.

Not often that I get to stand on this side of the officiant.

We were short a few people, so we had some stand-ins.

They look pretty good walking down the aisle together!

John, the father of the bride, is always joking around, it wasn't hard to find him with a big grin on his face.

Shoes! Oh, and how I love this floor. I shot a wedding here last year (Here and here) and just fell in love with all of knowles.

Just imagine that there is a veil over Jess in this shot.

Did I mention the floor?

The stand-in bouquet

Monogrammed mint boxes. Very cool!

Have to be on my toes with Jess and Blake!

Cerviche is gorgeous. When I get a chance, I want to go back there and do a portrait shoot! There are sooooo many little corners and the colors are beautiful.

Don't know if you caught my tweets about ceilings, but this is one of the images that made me think of it.

@ChadPil I don't know if many people think about it, but having a cool ceiling is important for venues. Especially when you have photogs that get low

The cake selection was fabulous! Whoever decided on them, did a great job!

And check out all of these event professionals that helped to make this happen!
Photography by US! Pilster Photography
Ceremony was at Rollins College Knowles Memorial Church in Winter Park
The rehearsal was at Ceviche in Orlando

And for even more!

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