Saturday, October 3, 2009

From the Pub to the Park, Shelby and John's e-session

What better way to start an e-session than at an Irish pub. Down a couple drinks, make a few pictures and start the photos out right.

I love Fiddler's Green. They have a huge selection of great beers on draft and their food is really good. One of the most authentic dishes is their shepherd's pie.

After saying all of that though, I didn't choose this location. Shelby suggested it, and not just because the drinks are good and it was an easy place to meet. John and Shelby actually had their first date here, so it was an ideal choice.

I also need to mention that John is a HUGE Steelers fan, and on two different TVs they had the game going on, so we had to hide in a back room. He was recording it on DVR and didn't want to know anything until he watched it that night. What a great man to put his fiance in front of his other passion!

I'm sure that Shelby planned it, but their shirt colors totally matches Fiddler's! I don't think I could of asked them to wear better colored outfits.

It's a little more than a month before their wedding. I'm glad I ran into Shelby while she was trying on some of the awesome dresses at Solutions Bridal in Winter Park.

Then we moved to Rollins College where we did some dancing in the street. Shelby and John said they took a few dance lessons, and were planning to go back. I thought they did pretty good. Wait until you see how they finished their e-session!

With the photojournalist in me, I love to capture real moments. This was just a little something I saw while we were changing locations.

When a random thought hits me, I blurt it out. How about we climb up into this tree in heels? Turned out awesome!

It was pretty random that we ended up at this park. Apparently pretty recently Shelby got lost and found herself driving by it. I try to spend entire days being lost in hopes of finding little treasures like Kraft Azalea Garden

Lizards are awesome. This park had everything.

What can I say, this type of light is why I tell all of my couples to either schedule a morning or an evening e-session. Look how beautiful and romantic it makes everything!

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