Friday, October 23, 2009

The Keys, Florida! Outtakes

One of the coolest things about going to a destination wedding (Part 1, Part 2), or even a wedding that is just a destination for me, is that I get to take the time to play tourist. I was lucky enough to have my awesome wife join me on this trip.

We had a great time enjoying Key West and then on the way back we stayed in Key Largo. We took the opportunity to go out and snorkel the reef. It's funny how different these two cities are. It's like comparing New York to a town in the middle of Kansas. Key West is party central with more tourists than you can count and always something to do. Key Largo was laid back without a central downtown. We found ourselves on the beach, sipping drinks and doing nothing in Key Largo.

Key West has great beaches and there is always something happening (We walked by a bar Saturday around noon and heard live music.), but it's relaxing in a different way than someplace like Key Largo.

Everything is bigger in Key West!

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