Monday, April 26, 2010

Car eating alligator at a vintage engagement session in Kissimee, Florida, w/ Jessica and Wade, pt.1of2

In one of the early emails that Jessica sent to me she said "Your blog says it all - "weird but cool" is how most people describe my fiance and I."

Wow, I wanted to book them on the spot! This was even after I had warned her that we have a baby on the way and their wedding is near the target date. They were nervous but they still booked me because they love what I do and that only makes me want to shoot their wedding even more!

We met and totally hit it off, we probably chatted for a couple hours. They told me all about there plans for this amazing Alice in Wonderland wedding they are planning. I can't wait, it's next week!

So you are probably wondering how we went from that to a car-eating-alligator-vintage-e-session. The vintage was their idea, and the alligator was something I drove by last year and knew I had to come back and make a photo of it! With it's old Orlando-style, Kissimee was the perfect fit for a vintage e-session.

The Gator Motel was the perfect place to start.

Did I mention I can't wait for their Alice in Wonderland wedding!

I think I'm starting a trend for my e-sessions. I'm going to call it scary statues to run away from.

Next it was off to Twistee Treats.

Some stylin shoes!

Lovvvvvvveee the hats

Fun in downtown Kissimmee

Then we found a time machine....

The train station was the next stop. These two were so awesome it was hard to keep up with them!

It had been overcast during most of the shoot and then the sun came out and the light was amazing! I didn't even want to change locations, because I was sure that it wasn't going to last.

Come back in the next couple days to see part 2, when we head to the Old Town fair!

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Mike Kane said...

great shoot chad. nice to see your awesome work!

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