Thursday, April 8, 2010

Moonlit romance, a beach, shark and tattoos in Melbourne, Florida during an engagement session with Kelly and Steve, 2 of 2

Today I want to start with the end. We'd pretty much finished up the shoot and were headed to dinner when I saw this gorgeous moon coming up over the ocean. I called Steve and Kelly who I was driving behind and they immediately pulled into this little park.

The moon was so bright that it turned all the objects into silhouette's against the clear night sky. How spectacular!

As clear as the night sky was, the daytime was just as beautiful. This made for a crowded beach, but we found some corners to get away from it and had fun!

The light was just amazing, I loved the way the sun peaked through the shadows to light them up here!

Kelly had some awesome shoes and this great tattoo to go with them!

One of Steve's favorite movies is Jaws, so when I suggested something a little bit wacky in front of this shark, he was all in. I love the contrast.

A close second to their love for baseball is their tattoos. This is a pretty regular hangout for them.

They both have awesome shoes!

I can't wait for the wedding. Thanks you two!!!

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