Thursday, April 1, 2010

Outside the Ballroom: The Ballroom at Church Street

The Ballroom at Church Street is truly a magnificent venue! It’s a beautiful southern mansion style building with tons of character. If you are looking for a ballroom that actually gets away from the modern definition and back to the classical definition, then this is a venue I would definitely recommend. It's the design and architecture of this location that make it so unique. Being in downtown Orlando you wouldn't expect to see a white mansion surrounded by high rise banks, corporate offices and lofts.

The stained glass atrium and windows allow the sunlight to pour in during the day and showcase the twinkling stars at night. How romantic! They have two, yes two, grand staircases, and feature amazing chandeliers throughout the ballroom and grand entrance way.

The Presidential Ballroom accommodates up to 1000 guests and can be sectioned off into 3 “parlours” if you decide to have both your ceremony and reception here. Parlours A, B, and C seat 270, 450, and 360 guests respectively. Overall the feel of this venue is very elegant and classic, from the chandeliers to the ornate ceiling tiles and the stained glass windows. It's fit for a princess who likes things to sparkle and for the modern bride who likes elegance tied in with modern design.

I can tell you from personal experience that the Ballroom at Church Street definitely has an intimate feel given its grandeur. They are actually owned by Puff n’ Stuff, who is a fabulous catering company and is the ballroom's exclusive caterer.

You can find out about the Ballroom's policies and some basic pricing here.

What you need to know about this venue:

Location: 225 South Garland Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801
Phone: (407) 420-9091
Price Range: $$$
Ceremony Site: Yes
Outside Caterers Allowed: No
Parking Available: Yes (Metered)
Valet Parking: Yes
Outdoor Space: Yes
Capacity (Without a dance floor): Up to 1000
Styles: Classic Ballroom, Mansion/Historic Site, Unusual/Alternative

Outside the Ballroom: This is a series about discovering other amazing venues that exist for weddings and other events, ranging from castles, to traditional antique ballrooms, to bed and breakfasts, to anything that cannot be classified as a modern ballroom or meeting room. We also want to hear from you about the venues you've discovered, so please submit them in the comments or email them to with Outside the Ballroom in the subject. For more info you can find it at the Introduction.

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