Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Off to the fair for a vintage engagement session in Kissimee, Florida with Jessica and Wade 2 of 2

Then it was off to Old Town for the fair. Now being in Orlando you would think that the most popular rides are at the amusement parks, but apparently a permanent carnival is a big deal. We spent a good hour trying to find parking and while we were looking we watched others being towed for being illegally parked.

But we found some cool cars that I don't think anyone was planning to tow.

Next stop was dinner at Johnny Rockets

This blog is proudly sponsored by Coca-Cola. Well not really, but they should endorse these two, because they are awesome! I wonder if Coke could sponsor the wedding? ;)

I doubt you can read what songs are up on the jukebox, but I did not flip it to these selections, they were already there!

And to end on a little preview of what's to come ;)

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Ramona Kwong said...

You are just amazing! I'm always in aww when I look at your photos. Beautiful!

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